About Us

The Squire Roses of St. Francis of Assisi in Frisco, Texas is a service and fellowship organization for young Catholic women ages 10-18. The Squire Rose national organization was formed under the leadership Mr. Russ DeRose for young women at St. Mary of Sorrows Church in Fairfax, VA in 1996.


The Squire Roses officers consist of Chief Squire Rose, Deputy Chief Squire Rose, Secretary, and Treasurer. Adults (members of the Knights of Columbus or their affiliated Ladies Auxiliary) fill the roles of Chief Counselor and Chancellor. Our Circle is advised by the Ladies Auxiliary of St. Francis.

The Rose is an important symbol of this Circle. It is a multi-cultural symbol of womanhood. Rose thorns were what Jesus wore on his head when hung on the cross. Two times a year priests wear rose-colored vestments to serve Mass. In many women's investitures, a rose is given to the candidate or another special person.

The goal of Squire Roses is to help young women grow in faith and service, using the three Theological Virtues as our guide: faith, hope, and charity. The Blessed Virgin Mary, Knight Joan of Arc, Mother Theresa are women of the Church whom we look to as examples of this faith and service.


"With Grace and Dignity We Stand as One."